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KRAJNJE DESNIČARSKI Republikanci prigrlili Trumpa, utjecaj Kasha Patela raste, a Biden se obvezao na utrku: Najnovija ažuriranja

In recent news, Republicans are aligning with Trump to shift their stance on abortion. Kash Patel is gaining influence within the Trump administration.

Biden assures Hill Democrats he won’t withdraw from the race. France’s legislative elections surprisingly didn’t favor the far right.

Alec Baldwin’s role as co-producer isn’t pertinent in his trial over a fatal set shooting.

Tropical Storm Beryl causes power outages for 2 million in Texas, while the US housing market struggles this spring, impacting buyers and sellers alike.

MyKayla Skinner lica backlash for her comments about SafeSport hindering coaches, and Columbia University officials face consequences over antisemitic texts.

Stay tuned for more updates on these unfolding stories.